Welcome to Concho Water

Three ways that I help educate about the environment:

How I'm Helping

I am a mother of 5 who taught high school science for 23 years and then found a passion for teaching about the Concho River System with video clips.

I have another website called formerteacherworksheets.com

I have pdf slide shows of all of my videos so that teachers can teach the content of the videos at their own rate and with their own flair using my visuals as prompts.

I have lessons for physics and enviornmental science at this website, too.

City of San Angelo skyline with SAMFA and Cactus Hotel.

I have a Youtube channel

I created 20+ videos explaining the changes the Concho River (and its valley) have endured through time. There are science and social studies lessons described.  I hope you like them.  I taught myself to make video clips and the first ones I made are very raw.  The latter ones are much better in quality.

A video of the booklet I wrote many years ago.

Meant for 3rd grade reading level and all ages of people who have a concern for the environment.


Booklet written in 1998 by Pam Backlund (pdf)


Other literature videos by Pam Backlund (pdf)


Script for She Spoke of Her River by chapter with hyperlinks (pdf)


20 Ecology Videos by Pam Backlund with links (pdf)


16 coloring pages (pdf)